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February 24, 2017 - The swing - Gene's Freeze opened its doors for business in 1958 and still remains a favorite place to eat in Edmonton, KY. When the drive-in business first began, car hops would go out and get orders from the customers and then deliver the food to the cars. Over the years it has been a place for local teens to hang out. Times have changed a lot since 1958 and there are not many establishments like Gene's Freeze still in business. Years ago there were no fast food places such as McDonald's or Wendy's there were only places like Gene's Freeze. To me, the swing located on the left side of the building represents small town charm. In a busy world it seems like we don't take the time to cherish small town life or a porch swing anymore. When I return home I think I will go sit a spell in my swing. Have a great weekend and happy swinging!

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